CedeCrypt Classic product overview

Secure your most valuable asset - your data. CedeCrypt Classic offers you an extremely easy yet extremely powerful way to keep your data secure on any storage medium. Encrypt your files and folders using a unique cipher designed to ensure that only you have access to your most valuable data.

Secure any storage device

CedeCrypt Classic allows you to secure any method of storage. Encrypt your files and folders on Laptops, Network shares, Flash Drives, Removable Hard Drives, CD's and DVD's. Perhaps you store valuable data using online storage or public FTP sites, but want to ensure your data is kept safe from prying eyes? Encrypt your data using CyberCede and feel safe knowing that no matter where your encrypted files are stored - only you are able to gain access.

Secure data transport

Many organisations depend on e-mail attachments, and Instant Messaging file transfers to send sensitive information around the world. E-Mail & Instant Messaging are well known to not be secure. Using CedeCrypt Classic you can Encrypt your sensitive files before sending them using Email or IM. Perhaps you even mail CD's or DVD's to your recipients but want to ensure only your recipients can read the data and nobody else? CedeCrypt Classic is the answer.

Easy Setup and Usage

CedeCrypt Classic installs in mere seconds, and integrates with Windows Explorer allowing you to secure your data with absolute ease. CedeCrypt Classic also employs DOD standards for securely erasing data ensuring that your original unencrypted data cannot be recovered using third party tools.

Universal Text Encryption

CedeCrypt Classic includes a unique feature which allows you to encrypt text in any application. Perhaps you use web based email and want to send an email with complete security? Using universal text encryption you can simply highlight the text you wish to encrypt and secure it with one simple keystroke. The encrypted text is then placed back in the window you were working making it unreadable to prying eyes.

Multiple Encryption Algorithms

CedeCrypt Classic also conforms to the well known industry standard algorithms by allowing you to select which algorithm is used to secure your data. Choose from AES, Triple-DES or DES encryption. You can also see how these algorithms compare against our CyberCede algorithm when measuring speed and strength. Perhaps you need large files encrypted quickly? Or perhaps several small files encrypted with unbreakable strength? The choice is yours.

Silent and Unintrusive

The CedeCrypt Classic software is extremely small and efficient, and is only loaded when you need it. No unnecessary usage of resources or memory - just convenient and powerful security for your data.


Windows Explorer Integration

Easy to Setup

Fast Encryption/Decryption

Secure Deletion using DOD standards