CedeCom Messenger: full product and technical overview

Extremely secure, user-friendly, business based INSTANT MESSAGING tool that enables ‘real-time’ secure communication, exceptionally fast (and unlimited-size) file sharing, message broadcasting to some or all users, and inexpensive IT support through desktop sharing (built in VNC).

All these features (and others in the near future) are designed to facilitate increased productivity and better communication throughout any company, organization, or governmental networks.

Incomparable Security

Secured by CyberCede™, CedeCom Messenger offers more robust protection than any other IM product (60+ times more encryption than ANY other IM tool). Thus, CedeCom Messenger secures all messaging and all file transfers against unauthorised and third party access even across unsecured networks, any time, any where.

Autonomous Operation

CedeCom Messenger is an inexpensive completely self-contained communications system with no requirements for any third party products, servers, other hardware, or new internet connections to be installed on small, medium, or large networks

Only two software components are required, CedeCom Server and CedeCom Messenger client. These are simple to deploy to any number of workstations on an existing network thus ensuring companies keep complete control of the entire system.

CedeCom Messenger is NOT based on insecure internet messaging (as almost all other IM products are such as Skype, MS IM, Yahoo, etc.) – rather is based on the internal networks or PC already installed in any company or organization. This, combined with the extremely high level of encryption, makes it fully secure – even, if used via the web.

And, in compliance with EU regulations, CedeCom server automatically keeps a central audit log of all messages and file sharing between all clients. These logs are fully encrypted and can only be opened using the Audit Log Viewer provided to system administrators ensuring that audit logs are kept secure.

Connect with others instantly

  • Real-time communication with instant recognition of who is available through Presence Awareness capability
  • Personalised ‘Presence’ messages allow others to know when or how best to make contact if unavailable
  • Fast and unlimited-size file transfers as standard
  • Broadcast messages instantly to select groups or to the entire organisation using Message Alert function
  • Instant desktop support through user-friendly desktop sharing option (superior to VNC)
  • Active Mode communication allows users full access to all functions of CedeCom
  • Passive Mode communication allows the user to only receive and reply to messages sent directly to them. This gives the option of deploying the software to all workstations while managing IM traffic

Large or Small Organisations

CedeCom accommodates any size of network or infrastructure, from small organisations with dozens of workstations to large organisations with thousands. It can be configured in an uncomplicated manner, to operate in the way that suits any organisation, accomplished by setting the CedeCom Server to one of three authentication modes.
  • Open Mode - No credentials required. Instant access to all users
  • Authenticated Mode - Credentials required. The user must log on with a username and password with contacts set up in advance on the server. This ensures only approved contacts can connect
  • Active Directory (LDAP) - No Credentials Required. The server obtains authentication from an existing Active Directory server which must be present on a network. This solution is ideal for large organisations with an Active Directory structure already in place

Near- Term future updates will include:

  • Secure Voice Communication within the Internal Networks or Internet - completely and highly encrypted.
  • Encrypted and secure video connections within the Internal Networks or Internet
  • Enterprise Authentication protocols supporting 100s of 1000s of users
  • Secure ‘Blackberry’ and other such hand-helds supporting highly encrypted communication for communication, email, and full server browsing
  • Macintosh Users with the full capabilities of CedeCom

Secure file transfers

80,128 bit encryption

Desktop sharing

Full audit trail

Network transparent, secure over all existing communication links