CedeTracker product overview

Secure and easy to use monitoring on multiple PC's by capturing desktop activity at regular intervals.

Complete Monitoring

CedeTracker uses a very small agent to capture and store all desktop activity that has occured on a workstation. By capturing desktop activity you are able to view the history of everything that has occured on any Windows 2000 /XP/Vista computer, essentially you see exactly what the user is seeing & more as you are able to go back in time and view their activity as far back as you choose.

Remote Access

CedeTracker allows you to remotely connect to each CedeTracker agent over your LAN, or over the Internet and view the desktop activity logs using the CedeTracker viewer, therefore once you have deployed the CedeTracker agent on your target workstations, you never have to visit to view their desktop activity.

Easy Setup and Deployment

CedeTracker allows you to configure the agent before you deploy it on your target computer. This is acheived by using the CedeTracker Agent creation wizard. Using the agent creation wizard, you answer some basic questions about how you would like the agent to behave and when you're done, CedeTracker provides you with a customised Setup file. You can then take this file over to your target computer and click once to deploy it with all of your chosen settings.

You can configure exactly how often Desktop snapshots are taken, and where the agent places the log files. If your workstations are connected to a File server on the network you could even place the log files in a central file share ensuring that you can easily access the desktop activity logs for all computers on your network in one place. CedeTracker also has the option of ensuring that the disk space used by the logs never exceed an amount that you specify, with this option in place CedeTracker will keep the newest desktop activity logs.

Silent and Unintrusive

The CedeTracker agent is extremely small and resource efficient. Your users would never know the agent is running on their computer. The agent uses extremely efficient compression algorithms to ensure that the desktop activity log files are as small as possible, ensuring that a full history of desktop activity can be stored without imposing on disk space.

Traffic Logging

Regulatory compliance

80,128 bits encryption

Central Management

Simplified Deployment across enterprise