CedeSafe product overview

Recent reports put the cost of data protection failures including investigation, notification, management, compliance and, post-incident surveillance at about £150 per record. It is widely reported that 200+ million records have been compromised or exposed to unmanaged risks in 2008 alone.

Mobile computer use is expanding rapidly however portability increases the risk of data loss or theft. Solutions too complicated to be effective can also leave an enterprise one step away from data loss leading to significant financial loss and brand erosion.

Transparent Real-Time Encryption Technology

The next evolution in data encryption - CedeSafe works quietly in the background securing all sensitive data using CedeSoft’s unique real-time encryption technology. CedeSafe secures all desktops and laptops automatically, removing the potential dangers associated with portability and employee intervention.

Unchanged User Experience

CedeSafe consists of two small components, the Real-time Event Driver and the Encryption Engine. The Driver monitors every read and write request going to and from the hard disk. Each request is automatically forwarded to the Encryption Engine which encrypts or decrypts instantly without intervention leaving the user experience completely unchanged.

Robust Security

The result is fast and effective industry standard AES 256-bit encryption on the fly. As soon as a file is closed it is encrypted safeguarding against unauthorized access. As a file is opened it is instantly decrypted and ready to use.

Resilience & Speed

System files remain unencrypted saving time both at start-up and shutdown. This also has the advantage of protecting data should a system error occur. In such an event CedeSafe’s real-time technology means that encrypted data can be more easily retrieved and decrypted avoiding costly total data loss.

Protect Your Existing Portable Memory Devices

By connecting an external storage device to a CedeSafe enabled computer all files copied to the external device will automatically be encrypted. Files copied or burned to a CD, DVD or memory stick will also be encrypted thereby affording total security for data taken off-site.

Transparent operation

Regulatory compliance

AES 256 bit encryption

FIPS 140-2 Certified

Internal & external devices supported