CedeCrypt Portable product overview

Sensitive corporate data is more mobile than ever before as companies look to leverage the advantages of keeping data close at hand. The use of memory sticks and other portable memory devices is prevalent because of its convenience.

These devices are becoming ever smaller and, therefore, easier to lose. Because their capacity for storing sensitive data is increasing, each portable memory device is turned into a significant security threat.

Companies know that the costs of data loss are measured in impact on reputation and brand identity. CedeCrypt Portable provides the highest levels of encryption available for all memory sticks and other portable memory devices securing data taken off-site.

Use anywhere

CedeCrypt Porttable does not require installation and can be run directly from the memory stick, or external hard disk. The application is contained within a single executable file which makes it extremely portable across PC's. This means you can easily drag items onto your portable storage device, and take it with you to your Office and instantly copy and decrypt the encrypted items from your encrypted storage device onto your office PC and work on them.

Drag and drop simplicity

Replacing existing memory sticks for new ones with built-in encryption is potentially time consuming and expensive, while other portable memory devices remain exposed to unmanaged risks. CedeCrypt Portable runs on all existing memory sticks and other portable memory devices in MicroSoft environments saving both time and money. ‘Drag and Drop’ simplicity through seamless Integration with Windows Explorer secures files and folders easily in seconds.

Data security has never been more important. CedeCrypt Portable ‘s ability to secure data-on-the-move helps organisations take charge of data taken off-site.

Robust Security

Once secured by CedeCrypt’s powerful encryption standard, sensitive files and folders are stored safely on the mobile storage device. To work on encrypted files, simply open CedeCrypt Portable on the mobile storage device, enter your session password, and drag and drop files or folders to a computer. Once work is complete, drag and drop files or folders back into the CedeCrypt Portable dialogue box where they are automatically encrypted and protected against loss should the memory storage device be misplaced or stolen.

Easy To Deploy Across Organisations

CedeCrypt Portable is competitively priced and installs in seconds, requiring little disk space or memory. Because of its ease of use and small footprint, it does not interfere with the working environment or employee performance. Available as an instant download and with a distribution wizard for large organisations, CedeCrypt Portable is the encryption solution of choice.

Protect Your Existing Portable Memory Devices

CedeCrypt Portable allows you to secure data on any mobile memory storage device in the windows environment, including memory sticks, flash drives and removable hard drives. Encrypt your data using CedeCrypt Portable and feel safe knowing that, while on the move, sensitive data is kept safe from prying eyes.

Drag and Drop

Regulatory compliance

AES 256 bit Encryption

Cryptography FIPS 140-2 Certified

No need to replace existing devices