7Sync product overview

Simple and Easy to use file backup and synchronisation for your Desktops and Laptops.

Redundancy for your data

7Sync provides you with a simple and effective way to regularly and automatically keep your data backed up or synchronised between multiple storage devices. 7Sync supports any storage medium including Flash Drives, Removable Hard Drives and Network shares. Perhaps all of your valuable data is stored on your laptop and you want an automatic backup of this data to a Network Drive or Removable Hard Disk? 7Sync supports this any many more scenarios.

Multiple Sync Jobs

7Sync allows you to create as many different backup or synchronisation jobs as you like. Perhaps you have all of your critical documents stored in "My Documents" and you have another folder for "Family Photos". However then you might want your Family Photos to be simply backed up to another device, but you want your Documents folder synchronised between 2 devices? 7Sync allows you to configure jobs with 4 different backup or synchronisation modes. 7Sync supports the following backup/sync modes:

Normal Backup - Backup everything from Folder A to Folder B. This includes deletions from Folder A.

Cummulative Backup - Backup everything from Folder A to Folder B. However NO deletions.

Normal Sync - Keep Folder A and Folder B synchronised. New Files / Updates Files and Deletions are reproduced both ways.

Cummulative Sync - Keep Folder A and Folder B synchronised, but NO deletions. New Files / Updated Files are reproduced both ways.

Multiple Triggers

Triggers allow you to specify when your Sync jobs are to be run. 7Sync supports multiple triggers including backing up at system startup & system shutdown. You can also configure jobs to run at regular intervals, say every 2 hours. 7Sync             even supports Network triggers. Network triggers are great if you have a Laptop and you regularly backup to a Network drive or Network share on your home or office network. However your Laptop is not always likely to be connected to your home or office Network as you may use your Laptop in various locations. 7Sync allows you to specify the name or IP address of your Network drive or Network File Server, and 7Sync will only start a backup once this Network drive or share becomes available.

Background Synchronisation

Once you have configured 7Sync with all of your working folders and triggers, it will run unintrusively in the background performing your backup and Sync jobs while you can continue working on your computer. 7Sync shows you it is working by a small spinning Sync icon in your system tray. You can also use this icon to open the 7Sync main window for configuring 7Sync jobs and for checking on the status of a current Sync operation.

Simplified deployment across enterprise

Multiple Triggers Types

Multiple Backup Jobs

Multiple Synchronisation modes