POLY Wikipedia for iPad

Turn your iPad into a true Futuristic Access terminal with POLY Wikipedia for iPad using a unique Polygon based interface. POLY Wikipedia has been created from the ground up to present Wikipedia articles in a genuine futuristic Interface using animated text display and futuristic sounds.

Article Summary Mode

Tap the Article Summary button to put POLY Wikipedia in Article Summary Mode where all headings and sub headings will be listed in futuristic style. Tap any of the headings to jump directly to the page number for the currently displayed article. To switch back to the article tap the Article Summary button again to toggle the current article.

Styled Keyboard

A futuristic styled qwerty keyboard has been created to add to the futuristic look and feel when performing a Wikipedia article search. The Keyboard also uses futuristic sounds when tapping each of the keys.

Animated Text Display

As each Wikipedia article is presented in the polygon based style, the text is animated onto the display with associated futuristic sounds as each word trickles down the display. Tap the Next Page or Previous Page buttons to see this effect for each page in the Wikipedia article.

Unique Futuristic Sounds

When performing an Wikipedia search using POLY Wikipedia, each of the futuristic sounds that can be heard as soon as the Go button is pressed tell you each stage of the article search progress from data retrieval to parsing and finally to display. Different futuristic sounds are presented to indicate each stage of this process. As a result when searching for Wikipedia articles the timing of the sounds are unique each time.

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Authentic Futuristic Sounds

Unique Futuristic Look and Feel

Search and Read Wikipedia
in true Futuristic style.

Polygon Styled Keyboard

Article Summary Mode