POLY Clock for iPad

Turn your iPad into a futuristic Alarm clock with a distinctive Polygon based look and feel. The POLY Alarm clock features 12 and 24 hour modes and displays the current Day, Date, Month and year. Each button press provides audible futuristic style beep sounds. 

Alarm and Snooze Modes

An Alarm clock is provided which is easily set from the main screen. Simply press and hold the Up or Down buttons to adjust the hour or minute of the alarm. The Alarm clock will also function if the iPad or iPhone is put in to sleep mode. The POLY Clock also makes use of the multitasking abilities in iOS4 so the alarm will function when the application is not running. Once the Alarm is triggered, a 10 minute snooze button is provided or you can dismiss the alarm entirely.

Distinctive Wakeup sounds

Ten distinctive futuristic alert sounds are provided for the alarm. Tap the Alarm sound buttons on the left to hear a preview of the alert sound. When the alarm is triggered the alert sound will repeat until the alarm is either dismissed or put into snooze mode.

Voice Announcement Feature

A voice announcement feature is also included. Simply tap the 'Announce Time' button and the POLY Clock will speak the current time.

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12/24 Modes

10 Alarm sounds

Alarm and Snooze mode

Date Display

Portrait & Landscape Modes

Voice Announcement